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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Fates (Fates #1) by Lanie Bross

Title: Fates
Author: Lanie Bross
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Random House Children (Delacorte Press)
Pages: 366
Source: Received egalley for review

Lanie Bross's debut FATES is perfect for fans of Jennifer Armentrout, Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent, and Sarah J. Maas, and for girls who love all things pretty, romantic and inspirational.

One moment. One foolish desire. One mistake. And Corinthe lost everything.

She fell from her tranquil life in Pyralis Terra and found herself exiled to the human world. Her punishment? To make sure people's fates unfold according to plan. Now, years later, Corinthe has one last assignment: kill Lucas Kaller. His death will be her ticket home.

But for the first time, Corinthe feels a tingle of doubt. It begins as a lump in her throat, then grows toward her heart, and suddenly she feels like she is falling all over again--this time for a boy she knows she can never have. Because it is written: one of them must live, and one of them must die. In a universe where every moment, every second, every fate has already been decided, where does love fit in?

My Thoughts:
Fates was a mixture of emotions for me. I liked some parts, others parts I was disappointed in. I even teared up in the remaining parts.

Corinth was a Fate. Fates weaves the fabric of life and are almost like seers. They set each soul on the right path or destiny. Corinne is exiled to Humana, what they call the human world Earth, because she was curious about the way things are. Corinthe has been on earth for 10 years waiting to go home to Pyralis. On earth, she is an Executioner. She makes sure Fates of individuals are carried out. Corinthe is given the task to kill a boy, Lucas. This will be her last task before she is able to go home. There is an instant attraction between Corinthe and Lucas. Corinthe will do anything to go home even killing a boy she likes. This is where the story starts.

The first chapter starts off with a bang and left me wanting more. This story went in a direction I didn’t expect it to go. The story had a lot more fantasy than I thought it would. Usually when I read fantasy I need there to be a fair bit of romance as well. This story was mostly fantasy. I didn’t really like that other worlds were introduced, for example, the world with Killer Nymphs or the world with 2 suns.  The worlds did not feel real to me. It didn’t really go with the story or what I thought the story was going to be about. On the other hand, I really liked the underlining premise of the story; everything is centered on Fate or destiny and if something is meant to be it will happen. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to read this book.  In my own life, I strongly believe this.  

I liked the character development in Corinthe. She went from not understanding anything about being human to physically becoming more and more like one. She starts bleeding (which she didn’t do before) and having more emotions she is not used to. She starts to question her beliefs. As a Fate, you do not ask questions, you do what you are told to do and Corinne, after awhile, starts to question everything. She starts to question why things have to be a certain way and if there is anything that can change the outcome. I thought Corinne was very courageous in that way and I thought she was a good heroine.

Another reason I found I didn’t connect with the story is the romance. I could feel Corinne and Lucas attraction to each other but their romance fell short for me. It was like, they have a few conversations and then they were in love. I felt like there could have been more to show why they fell in love with each other.

I want to see where this story goes. How the author left things, it was a cliff hanger yet at the same time it wasn’t. 

Thank You Random House Children and Delacorte Press for providing me with this book for an honest review!

My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Believe by Erin McCarthy

Title: Believe 
Author: Erin McCarthy
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Pages: 232
Source: Received egalley for review

Robin used to be a party girl… until she got black out drunk and woke up in bed with her best friend's boyfriend. Now she's faced with being THAT girl, and couldn't be more disgusted with herself. She can't even tell her friends the reason for her sudden sobriety and she avoids everyone until she meets Phoenix—quiet, tattooed, and different in every way that's good and oh, so bad…

Phoenix is two days out of jail when he meets Robin at his cousin's house, and he knows that he has no business talking to her, but he's drawn to her quiet demeanor, sweet smile, and artistic talent. She doesn't care that he's done time, or that he only has five bucks to his name, and she supports his goal to be a tattoo artist.

But Phoenix knows Robin has a secret, and that it's a na├»ve dream to believe that his record won't catch up with them at some point. Though neither is prepared for the explosive result when the past collides with the present…

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this book. When I requested this book from Netgalley I had no idea it was the 3rd book in the series. This book features Robin and Phoenix Sullivan. They are both broken in one way or the other. When they meet, they recognize the loneliness in each other and form a deep connection.

Robin was a party girl. She went to parties, drank a lot of alcohol to have a good time. One unfortunate night of being plastered and she wakes up naked to Nathan, one of her best friend’s boyfriend. She is horrified, (as she should be), embarrassed and humiliated. She retreats into herself in order in order to cope with what she has done. I thought Robin was ok as a character. I liked her in the beginning until I got to the end of the story. I thought she was a little annoying and her logic for leaving Phoenix to go to her parents’ house was crappy.

I adored Phoenix. I really enjoyed his POV. Phoenix has been through a lot in his life. Yes, the situations he has been through did harden him to a point but he is also very gentle and sweet. My heart ached for him. Phoenix and Robin are a great match. They make each other better. The romance was so sweet but subtle. I liked that they were just spending time with each other with no strings attached. They needed comfort in the other before anything else could happen.

This book kept me interested; I really wanted to see how it would end. I thought it was really weird how Phoenix’s mother changed drastically in a short period of time. First she wanted nothing to do with him and all of a sudden she is giving him advice and crying when he goes away. VERY WEIRD…I wish there could have been something more to facilitate the change in her character.

Believe is a story about 2 people needing redemption and acceptance for their past mistakes. I am happy I was given the chance to read this story. It is unique from everything I have read. I definitely would read the next book when it comes out.

Thanks you Penguin for sending me this book for an honest review!

My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars


Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Waterfell (The Aquarathi #1) by Amalie Howard

Title: Waterfell
Author: Amalie Howard
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 360
Source: Received egalley for review

Synopsis: (taken from Goodreads)

Nerissa Marin hides among teens in her human form, waiting for the day she can claim her birthright—the undersea kingdom stolen from her the day her father was murdered. Blending in is her best weapon—until her father's betrayer confronts Nerissa and challenges her to a battle to the death on Nerissa's upcoming birthday—the day she comes of age.

Amid danger and the heartbreak of her missing mother, falling for a human boy is the last thing Nerissa should do. But Lo Seavon breaches her defenses and somehow becomes the only person she can count on to help her desperate search for her mother, a prisoner of Nerissa's mortal enemy. Is Lo the linchpin that might win Nerissa back her crown? Or will this mortal boy become the weakness that destroys her?

My Thoughts:
I was so excited to read this book especially after I read the description. I hate to say this but the book fell short for me.
Waterfell is about the queen, Nerissa, of an alien race called the Aquarathi. Nerissa is warned to leave Waterfell and go the human world so she can survive after her father is brutally murdered. In the human world, she becomes complacent with her human life and has no wish to ever go back to Waterfell and rule. She does not feel she is good enough to rule because she does not garner the same respect as her father. Nerissa must decide what is important to her; being queen to her kind or pretending to be something she isn’t.

The first half of the book was repetitive for me. I felt like Nerissa was saying the same thing over and over again. Nothing really happened; I was reading a lot of explanations. At about 40% of the book, things started to get more interesting. The author started throwing in some twist and turns I really did not expect. I really liked the magical powers of the Aquarathi. I especially liked Nerissa’s powers. For example, if she comes into contact with another full blood Aquarathi they have to show themselves to her…that’s pretty cool.

I didn’t really like Nerissa, especially in the beginning. I found her character to be a little boring. There was no depth to her. Little by little, as I read, I was able to see a transformation in Nerissa. She started becoming the person she needed to be to rule: strong, independent, caring, making decisions. I also loved the chemistry between Nerissa and Lo. I could feel the sparks coming off the pages. I could physically feel their attraction to one another. I really enjoyed that part!

I really liked Jenna and Soren. They were secondary characters but also very much needed in the book. Jenna was funny and always protective of Nerissa no matter what. I thought she was a great friend. I liked how she accepted Nerissa for who and everything she is.  Soren is also a great character. Even though she is not Nerissa’s mother, she still cared for her safety and well being. I understood where she was coming from. She wanted her to be able to lead their people one day.

If you enjoy a book that is unique with great chemistry, then you will like this book!

My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blog Tour: The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard 
(The Danaan Trilogy #1) 
Publication date: April 30th 2013 
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Allison O’Malley’s plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison’s mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn’t trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother’s sanity.

Author Bio:
Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known. The Forgotten Ones is her first published novel.

My Review:
The Forgotten Ones is a light and entertaining read about a girl named Allison. Her mother is schizophrenic and her ultimate plan is to take care of her so that her grandparents won’t have to. Allison blames herself for her mother being schizophrenic because she was normal before her mother gave birth to her. Allison starts noticing strange things and all of a sudden her father comes and informs her that he will do anything he can to cure her mother.

The first part of the book was more a contemporary romance. We learn that Allison has always been in love with Ethan since they were children. Ethan also has feelings for Allison, but she has been keeping him at arm’s length, like everyone else in her life. I still don’t really understand why Allison kept pushing him away before she found out about her Fae heritage. I think the excuse was a poor one.

I thought Allison had some great qualities about her. She was brave in wanting to take care of her mother and trying to save her and the ones she loved. She did what she had to do in order to make sure everyone was ok. I also liked Ethan. I felt bad for him every time Allison blew him off. I liked the way he handled himself, he kind of made it into a game so that Allison would go out with him. But I have to say my favourite character would be Aodhan. He seems badass and I sensed he has some feelings for Allison and that’s one of the reasons he helped her. I liked how he doesn’t conform to anyone, especially not the king and queen of the Fae. He will do what he wants on his own terms. There is also this rare intensity about him. I hope we see him more in the second book.

The second half of the book is faster paced. Allison has to go the Tir Na Nog. The Fae she meets are definitely interesting to say the least. I would like to learn more about the history of some of the characters and how they got to be the way they are now. I would also like to learn more about the Fae customs and mentality. I thought the book was a little short and I found just when I was getting hooked, it ended abruptly for me. When meeting the fae, the names were hard to remember and I couldn’t remember who was who. I found I had to skip over most of the names.

The Forgotten Ones is an adventurous read with some romance. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves fantasy novels.

My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Giving You Forever by Ashley Wilcox

Title: Giving You Forever #4
Author: Ashley Wilcox
Release Date: June 19, 2013
Source: Received for review from Atomr tours

From the moment Nolan Pratt walked into Alexa Arnold’s life everything was forever changed. After a year of dating, the ring was on her finger, the house was purchased, and life was heading down Pleasantville Lane. Everything was perfect.

Or so they thought.

With help from his parent’s inheritance, Nolan takes on a new business adventure, utilizing all his free time. What was once their life- carefree with minimal responsibilities, is no more. When Alexa starts to feel the pressure from school, wedding planning, and lack of help from Nolan, exhaustion kicks in and feelings get hurt, testing the strength of their relationship. But, if there is one thing that Nolan will never compromise, it’s Alexa’s happiness. There’s nothing Nolan Pratt won’t do to make sure Alexa is well taken care of, loved, and happy.

When Nolan’s past resurfaces- a past that Alexa didn’t know existed- will it all be too much? Will Nolan’s devotion to Alexa’s happiness cost him their relationship and lose him the only thing that has ever mattered in his life? Or will Nolan discover that his past doesn’t determine his future and he is worth the happiness he doesn’t think he deserves?

My Thoughts:
Giving You Forever is a sensual tale that shows you how love can transform a person. We meet Nolan and Alexa, they have been dating a year and Nolan decides to pop the question and ask Alexa to marry him. This couple goes through their ups and downs in this book but it is clear by the way they act that they are meant for each other.

Alexa is sweet, caring, witty and loving, everything Nolan could have wanted in a woman. Nolan is the ideal man; he is attentive, caring, protective, a little possessive and ambitious. He just wants to make Alexa happy; he will do anything that will make that happen. Alexa is a student in her last year of university. She also has to plan a whole wedding by herself because Nolan cannot always be there to help as he is opening his own business, a gym. She is stressed out to the max, especially when Nolan forgets about an appointment they had for the wedding. To make Alexa happy and so that she has help, the couple hire a wedding planner. This is where trouble starts and we learn something major about Nolan’s past.

For me, this book didn’t become entertaining until the last half. The first part is smut, smut and more smut; not that I am complaining, it was steamy but I would of like to have an entertaining storyline with the smut to make it interesting. I found that this book was also really sappy. They said ‘I love you’ really often and it was irritating because you already know they love each other, it was a bit repetitive.

Due to the fact that I didn’t read the first 3 books in the series, I felt a little lost because I didn’t know the history of some of the characters. I felt like I didn’t know much about Alexa, I didn’t know how she got together with Nolan. I felt that we learn more about Nolan than Alexa in this book.

Before reading this book, my advice would be to read the first 3 books so you have some context of who the characters are. I enjoyed this novel. It was addicting, I wanted to know how Nolan and Alexa’s story would end. It was a great ending.

My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars