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Leap into Books Giveaway Hop

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

In My Mailbox (33) & Stacking the Shelves (39)

Welcome to this week's In My Mailbox. In My Mailbox (IMM) is hosted by The Story Siren, who was inspired by a fellow book blogger Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. It features books I have bought or received for review.

Stacking the Shelves by Tynga`s Reviews is about adding books to my shelves I received during the past week whether it is physical or virtual.

Bought from Amazon:

Addicted To You by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Alienated by Melissa Landers

Bully (Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas

Received for Review:

Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats #1) by Sebastien De Castell

This week I got all e-books. All of these books look fantastic! I am not sure when I will be able to get a chance to read them...hopefully soon. I received Traitor's Blade in Net Galley and my review will be up on March 6. It is a apart of a blog tour from Penguin Canada and I am so happy to be a part of it. 

I am still reading Unravel Me and I am starting to slow down now because I don't want it to end even though I am behind on my reading challenge on Goodreads. I still have to read Fracture Me and Ignite Me but I love the world and Unravel Me has been so good so far.

I am participating in a giveaway hop: February New Release Giveaway. You can enter here for your chance to win!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

All Of Court's Men-Luca Minaldi


“I’m a monster, Eva.  There’s no saving a monster.  But I love that you want to try.”

Luca Minaldi is rich, powerful and mesmerizing.  He’s also a reclusive enigma.  He lives in Malta, a fairy-tale place filled with sunshine and sea, beauty and secrets.  And Luca’s darkest of secrets is the best-kept of them all. 

Eva Talbot moves to Malta to finish her doctoral dissertation in Psychiatry.  When she meets Luca, there is a very real and instant attraction that she has never felt before. But even still, she senses the darkness that lives within him.   

Eva is hired to care for Luca’s mother, a woman who suffers from dementia.  It is Luca, however, that Eva will eventually risk everything to save… as the legacy that plagues him continues.  

As the darkness swirls ever more tightly around her, Eva realizes that no matter how hard she tries, she might not be able to save Luca without losing herself. 

Eva and Luca are thrust into a world where their love is tested and darkness reigns.  Amid chaos and treachery, love and hate, Luca and Eva learn one important thing.

Love is dangerous. 

But it also might be the one thing that can save them all. 

The Minaldi Legacy consists of two parts, part one:  Of Blood and Bone and part two:  Of Darkness and Demons.  It contains adult themes and content.  


“Miss, is everything alright?”
A deep voice is calling from outside of my house.  And before I can think about it and remember that I don’t know anyone here and that a stranger really shouldn’t be outside of my house, particularly in the middle of the night, I answer.
“No.  I’m not.”
In a scant moment, a man bursts into my bedroom. 
He looks startled to see that I am alone. 
And I am startled because he’s alarmingly handsome. 
So it appears that we are both startled as we stare at each other.
He’s dark haired, tanned, and has dark eyes.  His bangs are hanging artfully in his eyes, although the hair on the back of his head is a little shorter.  It’s a style that works for him. He’s got broad shoulders, slim hips, chiseled yet graceful features and Sweet Merciful Mary, he’s beautiful.  He’s dressed in jogging shorts and running shoes and a bead of sweat trickles down his temple.  I don’t even have time to wonder why he’s out for a run in the middle of the night before I notice that he’s also got that sexy, day-old stubble that I so love on a man.
I swallow and realize that my mouth has gone dry. 
“Are you alright?” he asks, his eyes skimming over me, assessing the situation.  It’s a valid question.  I had been screaming bloody hell, after all. 
I nod.  Then shake my head. 
“Spider,” I whisper.
His dark eyes widen and he follows my pointing finger with his gaze.
Then he laughs, husky and rich.
“Spider,” he confirms with a nod, his dark eyes sparkling in amusement.  “It looks like you’ve got yourself a perfect specimen of the Writing Spider.”
“Writing Spider?” I repeat, watching it nervously, making sure it doesn’t try to run across the bedroom floor and up my leg. “Is it poisonous?”
Handsome Running Guy nods solemnly.
“Oh, it’s a known killer, alright.”
I gasp and lurch even further away from the hairy creature on my bed and Handsome Running Guy laughs. 
“I’m sorry.  I’m only joking.  I couldn’t resist. It’s not poisonous. I think its scientific name is Black and Yellow Argiope, or something like that.  They are all over here.  But you wouldn’t know that because you’re not from here, are you?”
I shake my head again, trying not to be overly enthralled with his charming accent.
“Is it that obvious?”
He smiles and suddenly it seems like all natural sources of light are pouring into my room, originating from this man.  He’s got such a strong presence that it makes my spine tingle.  And my stomach is fluttering in a way that it hasn’t fluttered since high school.  Interesting.
He shakes his head and then holds out his hand.
“Luca Minaldi,” he tells me and his fingers are cool as he shakes my hand.
“Evangeline Talbot,” I answer.  “But my friends call me Eva.”
“It’s nice to meet you,” and his eyes agree with him as he stares at me.  “The question now is would you like for me to kill your uninvited guest or should I release him into the wilds?”
“Kill it,” I say firmly.  Slight disapproval passes over Luca’s face like a shadow. 
“Are you certain?” he asks.  “It’s an amazing specimen and they do eat bugs.  Bugs can get pesky here in Malta, Evangeline.”
“You can call me Eva,” I answer.  “And if we release it into the outdoors, he might come back in.”
I shudder again at that thought.
“True,” Luca agrees.  “And so might anyone else.  Your door wasn’t locked.  And I can’t call you Eva.  We’re not yet friends.” 


Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could. She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. She loves chocolate and roller coasters and hates waiting and rude people.

Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cover Reveal: Just Breathe by Tamara Mataya and Swoon Romance

By Tamara Mataya
A New Adult Romance
Releasing May 2014
Published by Swoon Romance

Twenty-one-year-old Elle Granger’s boyfriend broke up with her like a coward. He moved to another city without so much as a "goodbye." Devastated and embarrassed, Elle told friends the break-up was mutual and she endured the heartbreaking split without support from the people she's closest with. Instead, she embraced her librarian job as therapy and spent her nights medicated by a thick cloud of pot smoke. With her lungs, and heart, screaming for a break, Elle quits smoking cold turkey. Just when she's about to ask for support from her friends, and let them in on the truth of Jason's humiliating betrayal, her best friend moves to Spain.

Enter sexy-as-hell library patron Dominic, who literally knocks Elle off her feet during a memorable first encounter. Can he help her forget Jason's very existence? He can sure try, and Elle is more than ready to let him. Dominic makes Elle feel wanted and special, and puts effort into coming up with dates that don’t set off her Synaesthesia. Just when Elle is starting to feel whole again, Jason returns, determined to reunite. His effusive apology and reasons for leaving are a balm to her battered ego, but she rebuffs his attention.

But nothing good can last forever, and Elle catches Dominic in a devastating lie. How could she have been so wrong about both Jason and Dominic? Is letting Jason back into her heart a safe bet since he has already proven he can't be trusted? The wrong choice could see Elle's happy ending go up in smoke. But when your only choices are the devils you know, all you can do is JUST BREATHE.

    photo goodreads-badge-add-38px11_zps1ae6e47f.jpg   

About the Author

Tamara Mataya is currently a librarian; she lurked there for so long recommending books to patrons and shushing people, that she suspects they only hired her so it would be less creepy. Now she’s armed with a name tag, and a thin veneer of credibility. She’s also a musician with synaesthesia – which isn't an issue until someone plays a wrong note, which makes her want to squirm inside out. It makes for a good live show.

 photo AToMRToursC66a-A00aT03a-Z_mdm_zpsa3cc6896.jpg

 photo SwoonLogoNA_HiRes_zpsfbda80f1.jpg

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday (38)

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

After I read the description I knew I had to use it this book as my WOW. It sounds so cute! I am looking forward to when it releases.

Expected Publication Date: April 22, 2014

Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads)

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean, who has never openly admitted her crushes, but instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it, and hid it in a box under her bed. But one day Lara Jean discovers that somehow her secret box of letters has been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp, even her sister's ex-boyfriend, Josh. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara Jean discovers that something good may come out of these letters after all.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cover Reveal: Beyond Reason by Karice Bolton

Beyond Love Series, #3
Releasing February 28, 2014

Lily’s off and running the moment she graduates. She’s working at one of the most prestigious PR firms in Portland where her ambition propels her ahead at the firm and she loves it. Between decorating her new apartment and focusing solely on work, she has no time for dating, which is ideal since that’s never been her strong suit. At least not since she ran away from her high school sweetheart several years before. After more than a handful of somewhat sketchy relationships in college, she’s come up with a few dating guidelines.
  1. Don’t date the boss.
  2. Don’t date his son.
  3. Stay away from Professors, even if not in school
  4. At an event, never consume more than two drinks — okay maybe three.
  5. Always have a backup plan.
  6. Never leave your items unattended.
  7. Never fall in love.
As long as she sticks to the rules everything should be fine, but that’s always been her problem. She never sticks to the rules, and she has two best friends determined to find her perfect match, even if that means digging up her old high school boyfriend.

 photo goodreads-badge-add-38px11_zpsba99ee71.jpg
  Cover Artist: Phatpuppy Art Studios Photographer: Teresa Yeh Typography: BB Designs Models: Anya Kod and Steve Alario Makeup/Hair: Nadya Rutman     

About the Author Karice Bolton lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a writer of Young Adult and New Adult books. She loves to read anything and everything. She also enjoys baking, skiing, and spending time with her wonderful husband and two English bulldogs. Books currently available:
*Beyond Love Series: Beyond Control (Book 1) Beyond Doubt (Book 2) Beyond Reason (Book 3) - Feb. 28th
*Afterworld Series: RecruitZ (Book 1)
*The Witch Avenue Series: Lonely Souls (Book 1), Altered Souls (Book 2), Released Souls (Book 3) Shattered Souls (Book 4)
*The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening (Book 1), Legions (Book 2), Cataclysm (Book 3), Taken Novella (Watchers Prequel)
*The Camp Karice would love if you stopped by her blog or FB page to find out the latest news on giveaways and upcoming releases, or you can just send her an email. She loves hearing from her readers and responds as soon as she can.

 photo AToMR-logo-large-slogan_zps9659cb70.jpg

Sunday, February 16, 2014

In My Mailbox (32) & Stacking the Shelves (38)

Welcome to this week's In My Mailbox. In My Mailbox (IMM) is hosted by The Story Siren, who was inspired by a fellow book blogger Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. It features books I have bought or received for review.

Stacking the Shelves by Tynga`s Reviews is about adding books to my shelves I received during the past week whether it is physical or virtual.

Bought from Chapter/Indigo (Bookstore):

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Incarnate (Newsoul #1) by Jodi Meadows

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Look at all the goodies I got! I have been waiting all week to share all these books I purchased. I went in for 1 book and came out with all these, lol. This is the most amount of books I have purchased at 1 time. Chapters had a sale so my wallet wasn't to empty when leaving. I am looking forward to when I will be able to start reading these. All I have to do is find space for them in my collection :)

I would love to hear from you!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 2014 New Release Giveaway Hop

Hosted by Book Nerd

I am giving away any book being released in February 2014. This giveaway is international. I am only giving away a book from The Book Depository, if it does not have the book you want I am sorry :( The Book Depository will be shipping the book. I am not responsible for any damaged packages. Open to anyone 13 and over. The winner will be announced on the Rafflecopter widget.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cover Reveal: Rush Into You by Brianna Lee

Debut By Brianna Lee
A New Adult Contemporary Romance
Releasing April/May 2014

I had it all. I was captain of the cheerleading squad and star of the debate team. I was smart and popular and living the dream. Until that night. That one fateful night changed everything. Now everyone hates me—everyone. They stay far away.   It’s safer. Drugs numb the pain, and sex pays for the drugs. Being alive is my punishment. Then I meet him. Ryker Rosse. Tattoos, sinful body…and his eyes. His eyes are irresistible. He is captivating. He treats me with respect. He sees me. Ryker brings happiness into my life of regret, but I don’t know if I deserve happiness. Some mistakes can never be forgiven. Or can they?

 photo goodreads-badge-add-38px11_zps1ae6e47f.jpg
 About the Author Brianna Lee is an avid reader and flavored ice coffee addict. She is also a book reviewer and blogger for Brianna Lee Book Reviews and lives in Massachusetts with her beautiful daughter. As a busy, single mom, and aunt, she often has to write her stories in a notepad app on her cell phone, but late at night you will find her typing on her laptop until she passes out on her keyboard...literally. Brianna encourages readers to contact her as she loves to hear from you! Email her at

 photo AToMRToursC66a-A00aT03a-Z_mdm_zpsa3cc6896.jpg

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday (37)

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #3) by Laini Taylor

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone was such a unique book. I absolutely loved it! I have not had a chance to read the second book but I am looking forward to see how the series end.

Expected Publication Date: April 8, 2014

Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads)
By way of a staggering deception, Karou has taken control of the chimaera rebellion and is intent on steering its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her, if there can even be a future for the chimaera in war-ravaged Eretz.

Common enemy, common cause.

When Jael's brutal seraph army trespasses into the human world, the unthinkable becomes essential, and Karou and Akiva must ally their enemy armies against the threat. It is a twisted version of their long-ago dream, and they begin to hope that it might forge a way forward for their people.

And, perhaps, for themselves. Toward a new way of living, and maybe even love.

But there are bigger threats than Jael in the offing. A vicious queen is hunting Akiva, and, in the skies of Eretz ... something is happening. Massive stains are spreading like bruises from horizon to horizon; the great winged stormhunters are gathering as if summoned, ceaselessly circling, and a deep sense of wrong pervades the world.

What power can bruise the sky?

From the streets of Rome to the caves of the Kirin and beyond, humans, chimaera and seraphim will fight, strive, love, and die in an epic theater that transcends good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy. 

At the very barriers of space and time, what do gods and monsters dream of? And does anything else matter?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Excerpt: I See London by Chanel Cleeton

February 3, 2014
Harlequin HQN (Digital First)
New Adult Contemporary Romance

I See London is fun, sexy, and kept me completely absorbed. – Katie McGarry, author of Crash Into You

Maggie Carpenter is ready for a change— and to leave her ordinary life in South Carolina behind. But when she accepts a scholarship to the International School in London, a university attended by the privileged offspring of diplomats and world leaders, Maggie might get more than she bargained for.

When Maggie meets Hugh, a twentysomething British guy, she finds herself living the life she always wanted. Suddenly she’s riding around the city in a Ferrari, wearing borrowed designer clothes and going to the hottest clubs. The only problem? Another guy, the one she can’t seem to keep her hands off of.

Half French, half Lebanese, and ridiculously wealthy, Samir Khouri has made it clear he doesn’t do relationships. He’s the opposite of everything Maggie thought she wanted…and he’s everything she can’t resist. Torn between her dream guy and the boy haunting her dreams, Maggie has to fight for her own happy ending. In a city like London, you never know where you stand, and everything can change in the blink of an eye.
This is a New Adult romance recommended for readers 17 and up.

Author Information
Originally a Florida girl, at seventeen Chanel moved to London to attend an international university.  In the four years that followed, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, learned how to dance, travelled through Europe, and made lifelong friendships.  Chanel fell in love with London and planned to stay there forever.  But fate intervened on a Caribbean cruise, when an American fighter pilot with smooth dance moves, swept her off her feet. 
Now, a happily ever after later, Chanel is living her next adventure in South Korea.  An avid reader and hopeless romantic, she is happiest curled up with a book.  She has a weakness for handbags, puppy cuddles, and her fighter pilot husband.  Harlequin (HQN) will release Chanel’s New Adult debut, I SEE LONDON, on February 3, 2014, followed by a sequel, LONDON FALLING, later in the year. 

Author Links:
                                      Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fleur strolled into the party, a group of guys in tow. Samir walked next to her, the perfect counterpart to her beauty. She made her way through the crowd like Moses parting the proverbial Red Sea, all eyes on her. Well, except for mine.
Tonight he wore dark jeans, an expensive-looking black jacket and a gray collared shirt. I hadn’t thought it possible for him to look even better than the day on the steps.
I was wrong.
He exchanged handshakes with a few guys before heading over to the table next to Michael’s. He moved confidently, as if he owned the room. Suddenly Samir’s head turned, his gaze meeting mine. My heart began to pound.
His stare pierced me.
Was he imagining me naked right now?
I reddened instantly.
Samir’s eyes widened, his lips twitching. The look he gave me was long and languid, surprise flickering in his deep brown eyes. Surprise, followed by clear male appreciation. With each second that passed it felt as though he was stripping away my clothes, layer by layer, baring my body before him. I felt the full weight of his stare, each glance leaving a trail of heat in its wake. It was as if his hands were running over my skin—molding, shaping my curves, caressing my skin.
No one had ever looked at me like that before.
Fleur tugged on Samir’s arm. He ignored her. She tugged again—saying something to him now—and he turned his attention away from me.
“They’ll probably go out later if you want to come.”
I forced my gaze back to Mya. She shot me a curious look.
“That whole group is pretty big on the club scene,” she explained. “They’re going to this club called Babel tonight. It’s in Mayfair and it’s amazing.”
I struggled to calm the nerves exploding inside me. “Mayfair?”
“It’s one of the nicest neighborhoods in London.” She grinned. “In that dress you’ll fit right in.”

I SEE LONDON February 3, 2014
I SEE LONDON Copyright © Chanel Cleeton
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Embrace Release Day: In Bloom by Katie Delahanty & Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

In Bloom by Katie Delahanty
Release Date: February 10, 2014

My name is Olivia Bloom and I. Am. Free.

I left for LA with everything I owned piled into my old Volkswagen and dreams of becoming a costume designer. Little did I know I’d wind up designing for a lingerie company—yeah, not sure how I landed this gig—and taken under the wing of two young Hollywood insiders. The fashion shows and parties were great, but life really got exciting when the seriously hottest lead singer of my favorite band started to fall for me. 

How does someone like me, an ordinary girl from Pittsburgh, wind up in the arms of the world’s sexiest rock star—surrounded by celebrities, fashion, and music—and not be eaten alive? Berkeley is everything I've ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, but the paparazzi, the tabloids, the rumors, it's all getting a bit too crazy. My life has become every girl’s dream come true, if only I don’t blink and lose it all… 

About Katie:
Katie Delahanty is a fashion designer turned novelist.  She graduated with a BA in Communication Studies from UCLA and a Professional Designation in Fashion Design from FIDM.  Her debut novel, IN BLOOM will be published by Entangled Publishing in January 2014.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Find Katie Online:

Review: The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

Title: The Golden Dynasty
Author: Kristen Ashley
Release Date: August 22, 2011
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 421
Source: Purchased from Amazon

Circe Quinn goes to sleep at home and wakes up in a corral filled with women wearing sacrificial virgin attire - and she is one of them. She soon finds out that she’s not having a wild dream, she’s living a frightening nightmare where she’s been transported to a barren land populated by a primitive people and in short order, she’s installed very unwillingly on her white throne of horns as their Queen.

Dax Lahn is the king of Suh Tunak, The Horde of the nation of Korwahk and with one look at Circe, he knows she will be his bride and together they will start The Golden Dynasty of legend.

Circe and Lahn are separated by language, culture and the small fact she’s from a parallel universe and has no idea how she got there or how to get home. But facing challenge after challenge, Circe finds her footing as Queen of the brutal Korwahk Horde and wife to its King, then she makes friends then she finds herself falling in love with this primitive land, its people and especially their savage leader.

My Thoughts:
I don’t even know how to describe how much I loved this book. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, a lot. I was happy and devastated, and sad as well. Not many books have the ability to bring out all those emotions in me.

We start off with Circe about to be picked by a Korwahk warrior to be his bride. She has no idea how she got there. All she remembers is going to sleep in her bed in Seattle and the next thing she knows she is running for her life in a different universe. She is wearing different clothes; she doesn’t know the language and the culture. She thinks it is a dream and wishes strongly to wake up in her own bed back in Seattle. Through The Wife Hunt, Circe is picked by Dax Lahn, the king of Suh Tunak to be his bride, the queen of his people. It is a hard adjustment for her at first but through challenges she begins to accept the culture of the Korwahk, and little by little she begins to find her footing.

I first decided to read this book because in one of the reviews I read, someone compared it to Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. They were my favourite couple and their story did not have a happy ending. As soon as I started reading this book, I found it was similar in ways but also very different. I LOVED it! I am so happy I read it.

This book is so magical, I still can’t stop thinking about it. I stayed up almost a whole day because I wanted to finish the story. After that, I read my favourite parts again and again. There is something captivating about how Circe and Lahn overcome their language barriers; Circe overcoming The Wife Hunt , the brutal way she was became Lahn’s wife and of course the culture which is nothing what she is used to. I have to say she did a great job adjusting, not many people would be able to and not as quickly.

I loved learning about the customs, the ways and the traditions of the Korwahk as much as sometimes it frustrated me. Some of their ways were just barbaric and brutal and downright cruel. For example, a warrior can do anything he likes, ANYTHING, with his bride. Some things were hard to stomach but it worked in the storyline and made the story all that more believable.

This is definitely one of my favourite books by Kristen Ashley. This will definitely be one my all time favourites. I know this story will be one of the books I go back to because I want to relive every feeling I had when I first read it. Kristen Ashley has this way of weaving a story and molding it to be unforgettable. Bravo, Kristen Ashley, Bravo!

Favourite Quotes:
I could not dream a better you.” 
Oh my God. 
Oh… my… God. 
Did he just say that? 
I stared into his warm eyes. 
He just said that. 
And that was so sweet, so unexpected but so welcome, my breath arrested and all I could do was continue staring at him. 
He wasn’t done. “A better wife, a better queen. Not even in a dream could I create better than you.” 

"I gave up a world for you." 

“Then I whispered, “I love you, my Lahn,” and heard the swift hiss of his intake of breath. Then he buried his face in my neck and whispered back, “Loot kay hansahnalay na, my Circe.” And I love you, my Circe.” 

My Rating:
5+++stars out of 5


Sunday, February 9, 2014

In My Mailbox (31) & Stacking the Shelves (37)

Welcome to this week's In My Mailbox. In My Mailbox (IMM) is hosted by The Story Siren, who was inspired by a fellow book blogger Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. It features books I have bought or received for review.

Stacking the Shelves by Tynga`s Reviews is about adding books to my shelves I received during the past week whether it is physical or virtual.

Bought from Amazon:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I got some awesome books again this week! I have read the first 2 books in the Beauty Series by Georgia Cates and it should be good to see what Jack Henry and Laurelyn are up to. Cinder was on sale earlier this week so I decided to buy it and I just LOVE the covers of Ignite Me and Fracture Me. They are so unique. I also have been hearing A LOT of buzz about Ignite Me so I am anxious to see how the series end. I think I will finally read Unravel Me which is the second in the series this week. 

Did you get any interesting books???