Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Awaken (Spiral of Bliss #3) by Nina Lane

Title: Awaken (Spiral of Bliss #3)
Author: Nina Lane
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 426
Source: Purchased from Amazon

“I love that you love me, professor.”

“I love loving you, beauty.”

Since their intense, passionate beginning, Professor Dean West and his wife Olivia have fought dark secrets and betrayal in order to save their marriage. Now reeling in the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Liv and Dean are driven further apart by a vindictive threat to Dean’s career.

Struggling to stand on her own for the first time in years, Liv is determined to defend her husband and prove herself. Then an unexpected letter dredges up old insecurities and endangers Liv’s newfound independence. As Dean fights for his professional life, he is forced to confront his worst fear when he discovers that he can’t protect his beloved wife from her own painful past.

My Thoughts:
I am so happy I finally got a chance to read this book. I read the first 2 books late last year, and they were phenomenal so I had high hopes. Well, this book did not disappoint.

Awaken starts off a few days after the events of Allure.  Dean is away in Italy, involved in a dig and trying to stay away from the University and Maggie Hamilton. Liv is still dealing with the miscarriage and trying to stand on her own feet without the help of her husband. She has depended on him for too long and needs her independence.

I first decided to read this series because the main characters were a married couple going through their ups and downs. I have never read that before so I was intrigued when I started the first book. What I got after reading was much, much more. The love between Dean and Liv, they are really no words. It is absolutely breathtaking, captivating and addictive. These words don’t even describe their love correctly. It leaves you breathless. It makes me hope that I will find my Dean. Their story is one of the most amazing and passionate love stories I have ever read. Even now, thinking about it, I want more. The challenges they faced and the way they overcame them by believing in each other and trusting each other, no matter what; it is an epic story I will never forget. Even though I’m sad to see them go, I’m glad they got an HEA.

I loved that the author wrote the story in both Dean and Liv’s POV. It showed what they were each thinking at any given time but more importantly you get a glimpse and see the love they have for one another. Being able to read Dean’s POV made me fall for him harder than I already did.

I loved Nina Lane’s dedication at the beginning of the book:

“This book is for all the readers who love Liv and Dean West as much as I do. This is for those of you who know the courage it takes to trust your instincts and find your way. This is for the women who love being someone’s girl, and for the men who are your heroes. And this is for everyone who believes in the good things—books, a cup of tea, sexy professors, interesting travels that lead you back home, warm quilts, and perfectly imperfect love.
Isn’t this the most unique and greatest dedication you’ve ever read? It is for me because it sets the tone of the book."

The author’s writing was beautiful and kept me wanting more. I loved the cover. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and in bloom and I love how the keys are pointing at different directions but always intersect. It is a great symbol of how Dean and Liv’s love will change but bloom; they will always be with each other through thick and thin. 

My Rating:
5 out of 5 stars


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